Director´s Coach

Only the friction makes gold shine

Director Coaching Foto: Sophia Schwerk

Directors and Actors may sometimes speak a different artistic language. Directors have a concept of the whole story and a somewhat clear vision of what a scene should look like. How can you communicate more effectively with the actors? What can you do to evoke their creativity?

Breakdown of the script

Based on Susan Batson´s acting method as described in her acting book TRUTH we work through the whole script.

  • Analysis of the text
  • Super objective of every character
  • Public Persona
  • Tragic Flaw
  • Inner Need
  • Beats and Actions

Once you are clear on WHAT you want in every scene we discuss HOW you can communicate it to the actors. What DO they have to know and what should you NOT tell them?

  • Using transitive verbs instead of describing the situation
  • Proposing physical and/or psychological actions in every scene
  • Giving feedback that supports, challenges and inspires
  • Working on emotional outbursts / creating existential conflicts for the character instead of describing the emotions to the actor

I have worked with:

Sabine Bernardi, Katrin Gebbe, Niccolò Castelli, Mike Schaerer, Ivana Lolovic, Stefan Schaller, Wendy Pillonel, Johannes Suhm, Daphne Charizani, Niklas Weise


  • Private Prep (60 minutes): 100,00 €
  • On Set Coaching (whole day): 880,00 €
  • On Set Coaching (half a day): 470,00 €